Newswise – Due to increased solar activity and the thinning of theozone layer, the deadly skin cancermelanoma isbeing seen more frequently in children. Despite theavailability of sunscreens, skin cancer in general is on therise. A group of chemists have discovered that adding amixture of antioxidants to sunscreen enhances its protectionfrom UV radiation. In animal studies, they found that amixture of various topical antioxidants was more effectivethan any single antioxidant.

What are some of these antioxidants? They’re the same thingswe’ve been told we should ingest regularly, in order toprevent the free radicals inside our bodies from causingcancer: black and green tea, grape seed ointment (grapejuice, like all colorful fruits and vegetables, is apowerful antioxidant) and cranberry extracts. These all helpedprevent sunburn when applied to the skin.

It’s better not to sunbathe at all, because it can lead notonly to cancer, but to premature wrinkling and aging of theskin. But we all want to go to the beach occasionally. Whenyou do, you’ll soon be able to pack a sunscreen withantioxidants in it. Look for these soon in your local drugstore.

Antioxidants are the parts of foods that are the best forus. Not eating isn’t always the best way to lose weight andstayhealthy?whatwe eat matters even more!Subscribers canstill listen to Anne Strieber’s wonderful interview withperpetual dieter Carnie Wilson!

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