It gets you drunk more slowly, but this might make you drink MORE – A new study suggests that people process malt liquor beverages differently than they do other alcoholic beverages. The researchers found a significant difference in how quickly people’s bodies absorbed malt liquor beverages compared to beverages made of combined ethanol and diet soda with the same alcohol content. Participants absorbed the malt liquor beverage more slowly and it took a longer time to reach a peak breath-alcohol level. This SOUNDS good, but it actualy made them drink more!

Malt liquor is much more popular among African-Americans, so these were the people who participated in the study. Researcher Steven Sims says, “The pairing of Billy Dee Williams and other African-American celebrities to market these products strongly suggests that African-Americans have been shown to be consumers of these products.”

Researcher Robert Taylor says, “One could argue that the delayed absorption could result in lower peak levels?which might cause people to drink more.”

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