This happened to Whitley: Sometimes illness or shock can cause your hair to turn white overnight. Now there may be a way to reverse this process.

German researchers recreated a naturally-occurring molecule called K(D)PT, which is similar to the hormones that stimulate melanin, which controls skin and hair color. When they treated hair follicles with K(D)PT, they found that the amount of melanin in the follicle increased enough so that researcher Ralf Paus thinks the technique could be used as an “anti-graying agent” that will be better than Claire Care for Men or Grecian Formula.

BBC News quotes dermatologist Nina Goad as saying, “It’s important to note that this is laboratory research and not yet ready for use on patients. However, while the research is still at a very early stage, these findings could potentially pave the way for new therapies that restore color to white hair.”

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