We’ve all seen billboards with movie stars wearing milkmustaches, bearing the slogan “Got Milk?” The absorption ofcalcium requires the activity of specialized cells calledosteoblasts, which move calcium into your bones, andosteoclasts. If too much calcium gets into your bones, heosteoclasts move it back out again. Drinking lots of milkand eating foods with lots of calcium in them causes thecalcium-absorbing osteoblasts to have to constantly bereplaced, which eventually wears out your body’s replacementmechanism. Since only osteoblasts can add calcium to yourbones, not making new ones leads to brittle and weak bones.In other words, drinking too much milk can be BAD for yourbones.

Our bones don’t store up calcium from for the future, likemoney deposited in a bank. This is illustrated by the factthat countries with the highest bone mass density also havethe highest rate of hip fractures. In countries where theleast milk is drunk, the rates of osteoporosis are lowest.

While dairy products give us valuable vitamins, we can moreefficiently get our calcium from leafy green vegetables thanfrom milk.

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