U.S. scientist Charles Townes, who in 1964 won the NobelPrize for physics, has won another award, which will pay himover $150,000 for his efforts to advance spiritualknowledge. How can one man win two such different prizes?He’s discovered what we’ve been saying here atunknowncountry for years: the reason we don’t understandthings as diverse as ETs and the existence of God is thatwe’re mentally mired in a Newtonian view of the world, whenwe actually live in a quantum universe. Some quantumphysicists theorize that, if physical reality must indeed beperceived in order to exist, the universe itself would neverhave come into being without a ‘first perceptor,’ or God.

BBC news reports that Townes won the Nobel for helping todevelop the laser, and now he’s won the Templeton prize forhelping the world to understand religious concepts. TheTempleton was first awarded to Mother Teresa in 1973, andprevious winners have been Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and BillyGraham, but the last few winners have all been people in thescientific community.

Townes has been snubbed by fellow scientists in the pastbecause of his Christian beliefs, but science and religionhave now joined hands and a person no longer needs to be anatheist or agnostic to be a scientist. Townes realized this50 years ago, when he published his first paper showing howscience and religion are related. In the Thursday, March 10New York Times, Dennis Overbye quotes Townes as saying, “Ihave enormous respect and adoration for Christ and what hedid,” but says that Townes added that he doesn’t knowwhether Christ actually was the son of God.

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Our current government insists that the United States wasfounded as a Christian country, by Christians, but WilliamHenry says that’s not true. Our country was founded bypeople of faith, but what they actually believed wasradicallydifferent from conventional Christianity.

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