PaulBennewitz was a brilliant scientist and signals expert whoworked on secret projects and lived near Kirtland Air ForceBase in New Mexico. He began to pick up strange signals andsee lights hovering over the base, and became convinced thatan alieninvasion was about to begin. When he informed hisintelligence-community employers of his concern, there begana horrendous process of disinformation that eventuallylanded him in a mental institution. Then Linda talks aboutthe fantastic new crop circle season?it?s early and it’sWORLDWIDE! On Mysterious Powers, Anne Strieber talks withPaulElder, a man who isin touchwith spirits. Forsubscribers,Whitley talks with Paul Elder as well, about such things astheir mutual experiences with out-of-body travel at theMonroe Institute. This is not an interview, but an intimatediscussion between two people who have been to the edge ofreality.

When government agents misled Bennewitz, were they trying toconvince him that the UFO threat he was seeing was real inorder to conceal a secret weapons program from him?or werethey trying to cover up an alien connection?perhaps underorders from the aliens themselves? Join Whitley Strieber ashe plumbs the depths of this particular well as onlysomebody with intimate close encounter knowledge can.Strangely, Greg’s book has been condemned by UFO researchersas claiming that all UFOs were the product of Air Forcedisinformation. On the contrary, it quotes Air Forcedisinformer Richard Doty as admitting that they arecertainly real! Could it be that disinformers still ‘in thewild,’ posing as UFO researchers, are doing this because theidea of somebody like Doty admitting this is anathema to them?

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