Newswise – About 20% of all nations in the world face a serious risk ofcivil war or governmental collapse, and a half dozen of themare at high risk of future mass genocides, according to anew report. The greatest risks are in Sub-Saharan Africa andthe Muslim world. Nearly half of the 161 nations studied arefacing serious threats that may require internationalaction. The “Peace and Conflict 2005” report writer RobertGurr says, “We are witnessing the end of the post-Soviet eraof conflict and the rise of a more globalized threat thattranscends borders.The strategies that worked so wellresolving dozens of bloody national conflicts over the past15 years may not be adequate to the emerging challenges.”

Areas at greatest risk for future mass murders are: Burma,Algeria, Burundi, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Terrorists acts,including suicide bombings, increased sharply after 911,making terrorism responsible for some of the highest murderrates so far this century.

Most of the democratic government established during the1980s and 1990s have lasted, despite political and economiccrises, but many are at risk of backsliding intodictatorship and fascism.

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Government manipulation is nothing new?learn about the chaosthat was caused in the past by a painting containing aseemingly innocent image ofblue apples.

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