The Bush Administration has decided to cancel NASA climate satellites crucial to our ability to understand climate change. By shelving critical programs such as the Deep Space Climate Observatory, the administration continues to do all it can to conceal the reality of climate change. Two missions that could have helped us to understand?and plan for?global warming have been cut. More than $200 million in future funding has been eliminated for satellite projects called The Deep Space Climate Observatory and The Global Precipitation Measurement mission, despite the fact that the Deep Space satellite has already been built?at a cost of $100 million.

Beth Daley writes in the Boston Globe that these projects would have warned us about the degree of global warming by sending back a continuous picture of the sunlit surface of the earth, as well as measurements of soil moisture and such things as solar radiation, ozone, clouds and water vapor. As well as helping us understand the impact of global warming, this data would also help us predict future droughts and floods, both of which are caused by climate change.

UPDATE: The New York Times reports that Scientists have discovered that when it is exposed to higher levels of CO2, as is happening right now with global warming, poison ivy grows much faster and produces an even harsher chemical. Gardeners will be sad to learn that they have also discovered that Japanese beetles live longer when CO2 levels are higher. Higher carbon dioxide levels increase the range of fire ants and ticks. But here’s the worst part for those of us who are plagued by bug bites: increased CO2 levels allow mosquitoes to fly farther.

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