The 700 mile Okefenokee Swamp contains many of the same effects that have been noted in crop circles. Electrical devices go haywire inside it and residents have seen glowing orbs and UFOs nearby. “I’ve only seen [the orbs] a few times in my life, but that’s enough,” says swamp guide Milford Simpson. “Even though you rationally know there’s a natural explanation for them, it just doesn’t seem natural when a glowing glob is following you down the road.

“Your technology can’t be counted on in the swamp. Signals get scrambled, electronics go screwy. Mother Nature kicks technology’s butt in here.” Bigfoot and other mysterious crypto-creatures, such as the Skunk Ape, have been seen in the swamp as well.

Reporter Michelle Delio investigated the swamp for and says the orbs could be swamp gas, also known as “foxfire,” which occurs when decaying organic matter becomes transformed into a luminescent gas. “I want to say foxfire is beautiful, but honestly it’s just plain creepy,” says resident Kim Donell.

In 1996, a retired park ranger disappeared for over a month and was later found on Billy?s Island in the swamp. According to the Okefenokee Pastimes website, “The man insisted that he had been on Billy’s Island wandering aimlessly the whole time, living off the land?Speculation around the swamp is that he was taken without his knowledge from the island and then returned sometime after the search had been scaled down, with his memory seemingly erased.”

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