Christopher Reeve is pushing for research that will allow paraplegics like himself to regain bodily movement. But if this isn’t possible, it might be better to let the mind do the moving instead. Reseachers are having success teaching monkeys?and people?how to move computer cursors and even machines using only their brain waves.

Carl T. Hall writes in about several new options that are being developed. Experiments in which high-tech implants were put into the brains of monkeys, allowing them to move robot arms. In order to apply this technology to people, researcher Miguel A.L. Nicolelis needed to find out what parts of the brain control which impulses. He questioned Parkinson’s patients who were undergoing brain surgery, during which they were asked to speak or move while their brain activity was recorded, so he’ll know where to place the implants.

Cyberkinetics has announced plans to begin a small study next year of an implant called “BrainGate,” developed by John Donaghue, that allows a paralyzed person to control a desktop computer.

But researcher Jonathan Wolpaw doesn’t think implants are even needed, because he can detect and harness brain signals from just outside the surface of the skull.

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