Good news: the ozone hole is closing, due to a 1987 international agreement that banned the use of ozone-destroying chemicals. Even better news: this is good for global warming too, since chloroflurocarbons (CFCs?which were once used in air conditioners, refrigerators and as propellants in some cleaning products) are also major greenhouse gases.

If chloroflurocarbons had continued to build up in the atmosphere during the past 20 years, it’s estimated that we would have twice as much global warming by 2010 than we actually will. That’s the equivalent of 10-12 years at our current rate of CO2 emissions.

In, Andrea Thompson quotes NOAA scientist David Fahey as saying, “The participants in the Montreal Protocol have done something very good for our climate. While addressing ozone depletion, they also provided an early start on slowing climate change.”

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Don’t despair: there are lots of things YOU can do to help prevent global warming! The Key is not only how much you know, but how much you care.

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