First we’re told that lobsters are sensitive to heat?now we learn that fish feel pain. Is it possible to eat dinner without feeling guilty? British scientists found that fish have pain receptors in their heads. “This fulfils the criteria for animal pain,” says researcher Lynne Sneddon.

Bee venom or acetic acid was injected into the lips of some trout, while control groups of fish were injected with saline solution or merely handled. The trout injected with venom or acid began a “rocking” motion, and the ones injected with acetic acid began rubbing their lips in the gravel of their tank.

Dawn Carr of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says, “We would encourage anglers to lay down their rods. It’s ridiculous that in 2003 we are still talking about whether fish feel pain?of course they do.”

Doctors tell us fish is good for us?but what don’t they tell us?

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