Seven-year-old Mourat Zhanaidarov was admitted to a hospital in Kazakhstan complaining about stomach pains. When doctors operated on him, they found he had the dead remains of his twin brother inside him. The fetus had developed into a tumor, but it still had hair, fingernails and bones.

It threatened Mourat’s life because it was feeding off his blood supply. Doctors think Mourat was originally destined to become one half of Siamese (conjoined) twins, but that the second twin ended up growing inside him, instead. “At first we saw that the boy’s organs were squeezed by a large hard swelling covered with black hair,” says the surgeon?We could see that inside him he had his own twin brother?Something had gone wrong during his mother’s pregnancy and the baby grew inside his brother.”

This is not the first time this has happened?other people have had operations for what they thought were tumors only to learn they had a twin. Surgeon Valentina Vostrikova says, “For seven years it lived like a parasite inside the boy’s body.”

We wonder if Mourat felt invaded?or was psychically connected to his twin.

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