Maybe it’s the sports – Sports fans have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than do people who are less personally committed and emotionally involved with a sports team.?and it’s not just because they don’t get off the couch! For some mysterious reason, the guys who go to the ball park are just as unhealthy (could it be because hot dogs they eat there?)

Maybe gaining weight is all in the brain. Using brain imaging and chocolate milkshakes, scientists have found that people with weakened “reward circuitry” in their brains are at increased risk of weight gain over time. And if you eat quickly (wolf down your food), you?re TWICE AS LIKELY to get fat! Eating food in a stadium seat is something you do quickly, compared with dining in a restaurant or at home.

BBC News reports that when Japanese researcher studied the eating habits of 3,000 people, they discovered that the quick eaters were much more likely to be overweight. They think this may be because these eaters don?t wait for their bodies to give them a “full signal.”

Researcher Eric Stice says, “?Obese individuals may experience less pleasure when eating [because those hot dogs aren?t very good?], and therefore eat more to compensate?” That may account for their tendency to “shovel it in.”

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