A farmer in Wisconsin saw a crop circle being formed in his barley field. Arthur Rantala says, “The holes appeared and there it was but you couldn’t see what made it, but I [saw] it right when it happened.”

He says, “It looked like a lake. The waves, the wind blowing, and then all of the sudden this dark hole appears, like a black hole. And then immediately, one to the right, then another to the center of it.”

When asked if the grain could have been flattened by a board, he says, “No. How you gonna go around knock[ing] this down so flat is hasn’t come up since??UFOs? Let them think what they do, but I saw this actually happen so my eyes know what I [saw]. So I know it was Mother Nature and nobody else.”

Our science reporter Linda Howe is another person who’s seen a crop circle being created.

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