The makers of Snickers are planning to add vitamins, minerals and protein to their candy and call the new version the Snickers Marathon. Nutritionist Bonnie Liebman says this will be nothing but “fortified junk food.”

Liebman says most people don’t realize that an “energy bar” simply means food that gives you energy. That energy comes from calories, and most of us don’t need any more of those. There are more than 200 calories in most energy bars. Marathon bars will come in chewy chocolate peanut and multi-grain crunch, and both of them will have the Snickers blend of chocolate, peanuts and caramel. Masterfoods chef Bill Bellody spent three years developing the right flavor.

Competitor Nestle already has the Power Bar. Stefanie Thompson, who writes for Advertising Age magazine, says, “Mainstream marketers are moving into the [health food] category because of the double-digit growth.”

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