Quorn, a fake meat made from fungus, has now reached theU.S. and it’s making people sick. The Center for Science inthe Public Interest has received reports from 33 people whosuffered vomiting and diarrhea after eating Quorn. A NorthCarolina man broke out in hives and had trouble breathing.Quorn is a substitute for ground beef and chicken and isalso used in lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo.

“The FDA’s stance with regard to Quorn has been ‘get sickfirst, ask questions later,'” says Michael Jacobson of theCSPI. “This product was cavalierly waved through by theFDA with an alarming lack of curiosity” even though thegovernment had evidence that it makes some people sick. TheCSPI obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Actabout a study showing that nearly 10% of people who ateQuorn felt nauseated or sick to their stomachs.

“Consumer health and wellness is the number one priority atQuorn Foods,” the company says. Labels on all Quorn productsidentify it as being “mushroom in origin,” to alertcustomers who are allergic to mushrooms. Quorn was introduced in Britain in 1985. In Europe, it?s as popular assoy burgers and other meat substitutes, perhaps due to fearof contracting Mad Cow Disease from real beef.

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