If you’re the one who empties the cat litter, you’re morelikely to have a car crash. Scientists warn that the diseasetoxoplasmosis can increase your risk of an auto accidentbecause the cysts which form your the nerves and muscletissue could reduce your ability to concentrate. Theparasites live in soil and are carried by cats, so you canget the disease from touching your mouth after gardening orfrom cleaning a cat’s litter box. Pregnant women can passtoxoplasmosis on to their babies, so Daddy should empty thelitter.

Toxoplasmosis gondii infects between 30 to 60% of peopleacross the world, but most people don?t know it becausethere are few symptoms?the immune system usually preventsthe parasite from making us sick, despite the fact thatcysts can live in the body for a lifetime.

Toxoplasmosis has been shown in laboratory tests to slowresponse times in people.Jaroslav Flegr of Charles University in the Czech Republicstudied 146 men and women who?d had auto accidents andcompared them with 446 people randomly selected from thelocal population. All were screened for toxoplasmosisantibodies. People with latent toxoplasmosis were found tohave a “significantly increased risk” of road accidents,although the risk decreased the longer the person had beeninfected.

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