A pair of startlingly unique viruses twice the size of the largest known viruses have been discovered by a group of French scientists. They have a shape similar to a container, and a completely novel set of genes inside, which made their discoverers associate them with a Pandora’s Box. Most of their genes are novel, and contain code that does unknown things. There is some scientific speculation that these viruses are so unusual that they should be thought of as a new life form entirely.

The first, given the name Pandoravirus salinus, was found on sediment off the coast of Las Cruces, Chile. The second, Pandoravirus dulcis, was was located in a pond near Melbourne, Australia.

Are they definitely of Earthly origin? Certainly scientists would agree that they are unique.

We always assume that the aliens would arrive from outer space, but both some recent and some very ancient evidence suggests that they might just come from under water instead. Among the most famous stories of ancient aliens is the Babylonian story of Dagon, a half-human half-fish diety who came up from the sea and taught human beings the secrets of civilized behavior and city building. More recently, the Black Vault published Russian documents that state that the Russian navy has documented apparent extensive undersea activity on the part of aliens.

Anne Strieber, who read a quarter of a million letters from "contactees," also noted that UFOs are often seen coming out of the water. Is the "light show in the sky" something to do with the fact that they don’t ant us to know where they’ REALLY hiding? During her 24 interviews with UFO witnesses, she didn’t discover the answer to that question, but she DID learn some incredible information that she’d like to share with our subscribers. These interviews can be found in the Unknowncountry.com subscriber area and are one of the many unique resources available on this website.

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