A huge crop circle formation has been discovered in a wheat field near the village of Clyman, Wisconsin (pop. 370), about 20 miles from the crop circles discovered earlier. The new formation was over 350 feet long along one axis and over 175 feet long on the other. It was made up of 7 connected circles of different sizes, the largest of which was approx. 78 feet in diameter. A small, “grapeshot” formation, which tend to identify “real” circles, was also found in the field.

The circle was first spotted on July 18, so it may be over 6 weeks old, but no one investigated it before Jeffrey Wilson and his team of researchers. They arranged for a pilot and a plane, and took aerial photos, before returning to the field to collect soil and plant samples. Later in the day, the farmer began to harvest the field, and by the end of the day, the circle was gone.

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