Click “Listen Now” on our masthead to listen to Whitley’s 4th meditation for extraterrestrial contact. Does it work? Here’s what one listener writes: “Increased contact? Oh, yes! Thankfully, others in my home are experiencing the bizarre along me, so I know that I’m not a yelping loony. They aren’t actually ‘seeing’ aliens as I am, but they have no desire to; actually, they are quite disturbed by all the phenomena and wish it would just go away.

“Lights are going on and off, TV’s are going on and off, CD players are opening by themselves, doors are opening and chairs are moving. This week my coffee pot, vacuum cleaner, and camera burned out. Interestingly, the TV and radio station that houses the studio from where I do my weekly radio show took a power hit and half of the screen went black. A transformer caught fire and burned out.

“I awakened 4 days ago with a small wound under the upper fold of my left year. A minor amount of blood was caked in my hair and there were blood spots on my pillow case. The next night, after I turned off the lights and went to bed, I began seeing small flashes of lights, then a small, large headed Alien appeared near the ceiling, waving at me with his right arm using a repeating gesture that appeared more like a salute than a wave.

“Just last night, again immediately after going to bed, three very tall aliens appeared, seemingly without substance…they were more like shadows…gliding around my bed. I watched their ghostly movements for a few moments, trying to bring them into clearer focus, then, failing that, went purposefully into a deep ‘listening’ meditation. If anything further happened I have no memory of it. but don’t remember a thing. This morning I awakened with gold glitter on my chest and shoulders. What is that about?

“Amazingly, while others about me are frightened, I’m elated. As I write this the room has brightened considerably.”

By the end of August, Mars will be closer to Earth than it’s been since prehistoric times, and when Mars is close to Earth, more UFO sightings are reported. Don’t miss this opportunity to try to achieve contact with another intelligence. If you subscribe to unknowncountry, you can download all 4 of Whitley’s meditations and listen to them anywhere.

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