There have been a large number of UFO sightings reported in New Zealand over the past two months. One man even reported seeing a UFO land.

The New Zealand Herald quotes UFO researcher Suzanne Hansen as saying, "He’s a very credible source. He saw an object that had landed and said it was definitely not an aircraft or like anything else he had seen.

"I’ve got 30 (UFO) reports on my desk at the moment from the upper North Island and Northland from the past couple of weeks that we’re yet to process. It’s unprecedented."

Charles Gillard reported seeing strange blue lights hovering in the air, then suddenly vanishing. The Herald quotes him as saying, "I’ve never seen anything like it before, but it definitely wasn’t somebody with a torch or vehicles as it was above the skyline, not on the hills."

When it comes to UFOs, we know what we’re talking about, so if you want real information (and not propaganda), read it here!

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