We’ve warned you about this before: Hot dogs are dangerous! But just in time for Memorial Day cookouts, we have good news for you: They’re not as dangerous as they used to be.

The addition of ascorbate (vitamin C) or its close relative, erythorbate, and the reduced amount of nitrite added in hot dogs, mandated in 1978, have been accompanied by a steep drop in the death rate from colon cancer–more people having colonoscopies may be the cause of this. However, the incidence rate for colon cancer has apparently not changed much since 1978–is eating hot dogs partly to blame?

Researcher Sidney S. Mirvish says, "It was proposed that N-nitroso compounds in hot dogs and other processed meats can cause colon cancer. We found that the level of total apparent N-nitroso compounds in hot dog links prepared in our laboratory fell as increasing levels of sodium erythorbate were included in the hot dog links."

Since the mandated changes were introduced 33 years ago, the death rate for colon cancer has dropped sharply, but ,Mirvish says, "This may have been due mostly to earlier detection and better treatment of this disease."

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