So many of you have enjoyed William Henry’s interviews on Dreamland radio and have wanted to meet him in person. Now’s your chance: He is presenting a new lecture and slide slow titled Activating the Temple of Light in Nashville on June 16-18. If you sign up now, you could be one of the 40 lucky people who will get to take this extraordinary tour. Keep reading for details!

William is fresh from his March-April, 2006 trip to Egypt and loaded with new insights and images to share. He?ll take you on a tour of the Nashville Parthenon, the scale replica of the Parthenon from Athens, as well as the astounding Bicentennial Capitol Mall site (the sister site to the National Mall in Washington DC). You’ll find out why William calls this site Stargate Park.

He?ll take you on tour of the Frist Museum, which is exhibiting the Treasures of Ancient Egypt exhibit from June 6-October 8. Here’s your chance to personally experience the most amazing collection of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt, with William Henry as your guide.

Participation in this one-of-a-kind event is limited to 40 people. Advance registration is required by June 1, 2006. For $125.00, you get tickets to the Parthenon and the Frist Museum?s Quest for Immortality Exhibit, a Saturday lecture by William and private bus tour of sacred Nashville. Meals are not included. Please call William Henry at (615) 292-5397 to make your reservation by phone using your Visa or Mastercard. For additional information, email William at

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