In the past week, there has been widespreadearthquakeactivity, including a powerful quake that struck anisolated part of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and threevolcanoes have become active at the same time.

The Kamchatka quake, centered near the small community ofKoriakya, registered 7.7 on the Richter Scale. It took placeon April 21, and did not cause any known damage.

There have been clusters of smaller quakes in the IonianSea, including one that registered 5.5 on the Richter Scaleoff the island of Patmos on April 19.

Along the Pacific Rim, there has been earthquake activityfrom Alaska, across the Aleutians and down to the southerntip of New Zealand.

Earthquakes are common in all of these areas, but the extentof activity at this time is less usual. While there is noevidence that a great earthquake is impending anywhere, asimilar pattern developed before the great quake of December21, 2003 in the Indian Ocean, which was preceeded by an 8.9quake south of Australia and a similar pattern of activityaround the Pacific Rim.

Three volcanoes have alsobecome active thisweek, Lascar in Chile, Merape in Indonesia and Ubinas inPeru. Lascar is the most active volcano in the northernChilean Andes. Merapi, one of Indonesia’s most activevolcanoes, is in one of the world’s most densely populatedareas. Ubinas is Peru’s most active volcano.

All three have generated significant eruptive events inrecent days, and as of April 21, residents were being warnedto remain 5 miles from Merapi.

There will be a lunar syzygy with the new moon on April 27.In a syzygy, the earth, moon and sun are in directalignment. While the United States Geological Survey saysthat there isnoevidence that lunar syzygy affectsearthquakes and volcanic activity, some researchersdisagree.

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