This week,subscribers get an important interview with BritishMinistry of Defense official Nick Pope on the recent releaseof massive numbers of UFO documents by the Britishgovernment under their new Freedom of Information Act. Mr.Pope made headlines worldwide in the mid nineties with hisrevelation that he had been the Ministry of Defense’sofficial UFO investigator, and that the ministry hadcollected thousands of UFO reports. Robert Verkaik writes in the Independent that, due to theU.K.’s Freedom of Information Act, their “X-Files” have beenopened to the public at last. There are thousands ofclassified documents here, all describing UFO sightings thathave been reported by Royal Air Force personnel and BritishAirways pilots, as well as policemen.

One example is a report made by an RAF pilot and two otherwitnesses, who saw mysterious bright lights in the sky. Theclosest one was four times as large as a helicopter. As iscommon with UFO reports, the witnesses saw the craft changeshape and then disappear. A nearby radar station alsodetected the objects.

In July, 1976, a British Airways plane returning fromPortugal was involved in an incident which led to thescrambling of fighter jets. The pilot and the passengersreported seeing four round, lighted objects and were soalarmed by the sighting that the pilot reported it to airtraffic controllers at both Lisbon and Heathrow in the U.K.Fighters were scrambled from Lisbon. Shortly afterwards,another plane on the same path reported a similar sighting.Later that month, two co-pilots and five of their cabin crewreported flyiing “underneath a bright white circular object.”

The X-Files contain police reports as well. In April, 1977,Superintendent Cooper of the West Yorkshire police spotted”a bright silver light? that ?suddenly vanished.”

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