This week onDreamland,we lead off with a 15 minute special report on theextraordinary worldwide earthquake situation with LindaMoulton Howe’s interview of a USGS seismologist. ThenWhitley interviews Frank Feschino, who has spent twentyyears researching what has turned out to be the largest andmost complexUFO casein history.

Earthquake activity worldwide has been not only high, butunusual. A cluster of 130 earthquakes has struck the NicobarIslands in the Indian Ocean over the past 7 days, andyesterday Ecuador experienced its second earthquake storm ina month. How do seismology professionals view the currentsituation? Linda Howe asks a leading seismologist this weekon Dreamland, in a special report that will be aired in thefirst fifteen minutes of the program.

Then Frank Feschino tells you all about a gigantic UFO casethat you didn’t even know happened! In researching a bizarrestory about a monster haunting the mountains of WestVirginia, Frank pieced together the story of the largest UFOevent in history. Frank has spent over twenty yearsresearching what appeared to be a strange “monster” casefrom 1952. He has discovered that the apparition wasactually part of the single greatest UFO event inhistory?culminating in the massive UFO wave that was seenover Washington in July of 1952.

This will be an unforgettable show, so be sure to tune in.You can listen starting on Saturday by clicking the word”Dreamland” on our masthead. You can learn how to download afree copy of Windows Media Player by clicking “ListeningProblems?” on our masthead, so there’s no reason to missthis exciting show.

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