The Elmendorf beast is back, and this time it’s healthy andattacking people and animals in California. These oddanimals, apparent mixes between coyotes and dogs, created asensation when two of them were shot in Texas. Dismissed asmere oddities, the fact that they were suffering fromunusual diseases that might represent some sort ofenvironmental problem was ignored.

Blanca E. Sanchez writes in the Daily Bulletin that a wildanimal that seems to be a coyote-dog mix, is leaping sixfoot fences and killing pets in Chino, California. Thecreature resembles a coyote but is about 20 pounds heavier.People are afraid to leave their dogs?and even theirchildren?in their back yards.

It attacks in the daytime, unlike actual coyotes, and hasalready killed several dogs. One man says, “My back wall is6 1/2 feet.” Despite this, the creature was able to jump thefence and kill his dog Molly, a Cairn Terrier. Anotherresident says the beast has jumped his fence and attackedhis pets twice, in broad daylight.

When sent DNA samples from one of theElmendorf beasts killed in Texas to a nationally knowntesting laboratory, we received conflicting reports. Thefirst report said the material could not be tested becauseit was damaged by heat radiation, but said the animal wascanine. The second report, which made no mention of thefirst one, said it was a coyote. A biologist at the SanAntonio zoo who examined the skull said it had an unknownconfiguration and witnesses who saw the beast insisted itwasn’t a coyote. Subscribers canstill listen to testimony from the witnesses who saw?andkilled?the Elmendorf Beast in Texas.

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