One of America’s most skilled and important UFOinvestigators, Kenny Young, has died of cancer at age 38.Kenny has had the disease for some time, but requested thatWhitley Strieber, who followed his career closely, notdisclose his illness publicly. Kenny was a sober, carefuland skeptical UFO researcher, and Whitley believed him to beamong the very best of the younger generation, whose work ischaracterized by a ‘just the facts’ approach that does notattempt to fit findings to theories, but simply seeks toprove what is real.

He was the webmaster of “UFO Research: Cincinnati,” a StateSection Director for M.U.F.O.N. and a former publicrelations director of Tri-State Advocates for ScientificKnowledge. He served as a host, panelist and debater onseveral TV programs. In addition to evaluating UFO andrelated claims, conducting field investigations andinterviewing eyewitnesses and public officials, Young hasworked successfully to obtain secret UFO video recordingsheld by the Department of Energy and has also obtainednumerous 9-1-1 audio tapes of police/UFO incidents. He wasthe host and organizer of the 39th Annual 2003 National UFOConference.

His loss is tragic, especially when added to the long anddisquieting list of people interested in the UFO andparanormal areas who have died of murder, accidents, andstrange cancers, or, as in Kenny’s case, at an unusuallyyoung age. Subscribers canlisten to Whitley Strieber’s riveting December, 2003interview with Kenny Young, done after they both knew thatKenny was seriously ill. Kenny Young is extremely frank inthis interview, as he knew at that time the probable outcomeof his illness.

Kenny’s website is still up atthis time, and you can explore his work.

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