People in the US are working longer hours and now both partners usually work full time, which means that people eat in restaurants more often than they used to. Besides making us fatter, this is also making us deaf.

Hearing specialist Robert Novak says that some restaurants are so noisy that customers’ and employees’ hearing can be affected over time. Note that this is a SCIENTIFIC assessment by Novak, not just his personal preference for quiet eating places.

He says, “There are roughly 25-plus million people with significant hearing loss, and that number is on the increase with the aging of the baby boomer population.” Restaurants and bars with very high noise levels?from things such as amplified music or video arcade games?can contribute to hearing loss for employees, too. Novak says employees working at such places should consider wearing earplugs, although this may not be possible for waitpeople and bartenders, who have to hear what’s said to them.

According to Novak, “Because of hearing abuse, [we] are increasingly seeing clients with old ears in otherwise young bodies.”

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