72% of teenagers participating in a study experienced reduced hearing ability following exposure to a pop rock performance by a popular female singer.

The hearing loss that may be experienced after a pop rock concert is not generally believed to be permanent. It is called a temporary threshold shift and usually disappears within 16-48 hours, after which a person’s hearing returns to previous levels.

Following the concert, over half of the teens said they did not think they were hearing as well after the concert. 25% reported they were experiencing tinnitus or ringing in their ears, which they did not have before the concert.
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One of the joys of this season is listening to Christmas carols, but some of our brave soldiers are returning from war with a special problem: deafness. Researchers haven’t solved the deafness problem yet, but they are working to get soldiers used to the sounds of battle. Inside a non-descript, soundproof building on the south side of town, Missouri researchers are building an audio battlefield, complete with the sounds of tanks, ordinance, gunfire, shouting and helicopters, in an effort to better prepare soldiers for combat.
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The number of young people who are going deaf due to the overuse of headphones keeps increasing, and poor kids are being hurt the most. Of the almost 9,000 16-year-old girls who took part in a recent study, poor teens had the worst hearing. However, researcher Abbey Berg says that "just because there’s an association, it doesn’t mean cause and effect.read more