Bad news for the Labor Day weekend: hot dogs may be even MORE unhealthy than you suspected they were. But here’s the good news: lobsters DO NOT feel pain when cooked. reports that hot dogs may contain compounds that cause mutations in your DNA that could increase your risk of developing cancer. There is a huge variation in the amounts of these chemicals between different brands, depending on how the hot dogs are made.

Researcher Sidney Mirvish noticed a link between hot dog consumption and colon cancer, especially if the hot dogs are preserved with sodium nitrite. For the next step in his research, he will feed nitrite-laden hot dogs to mice to see if they develop colon cancer or pre-cancerous conditions. It is possible to get nitrite-free hot dogs at health food stores, but you should read labels carefully.

When we throw a live lobster into a pot of boiling water, are we committing an act of unspeakable cruelty? At, we have heard both yes and no answers to this question, which comes up every summer when people travel to the seashore. A new, 39 page report funded by the Norwegian government says that lobsters probably DON’T feel pain while being cooked, despite the fact that they thrash around in the hot water. In, Clarke Canfield quotes the study as saying, “Lobsters and crabs have some capacity of learning, but it is unlikely that they can feel pain.”

Insects and worms were studied in the same report, and fisherman will be relieved to hear that these probably don?t feel pain either. The study says that invertebrates, which are creatures without backbones, cannot feel pain.

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