How can that be? We’ve finally gotten sunscreen that’s effective. But dermatologists say that even if we use the best sunscreen, if we don’t apply it often enough, it can actually make sun damage worse. reports that when UV radiation from the sun is absorbed by the skin, it generates what are called reactive oxygen species. These are what cause our skin to age. Sunscreens contain UV filters that stop this radiation from reaching deeper than the outer layer of our skin. But over time, these filters themselves are absorbed by the skin, meaning that they sink below the surface, re-exposing the surface of our skin to harmful rays.

A new study shows that 3 of the most widely-used UV filters actually encourage the generation of reactive oxygen species when our skin is exposed to the sun. Thus the longer we’re in the sun wearing sunscreen, the worse our burn (and skin damage) will be. The ingredients that do this are octylmethoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3 and octocrylene.

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