If you’re having trouble catching fish, the Missouri River is the place to go, because the fish jump right into your boat, all by themselves. Fisherman Duane Chapman simply takes his boat out on the river and waits, then cries, “Here they come. Look out!”

KMBC’s Jeremy Hubbard reports seeing fish jumping, flipping and flopping right into boats. They come so thick and fast, you have to duck to avoid being hit. “I’ve been hit in the head, hit in the side of the neck,” says Chapman. “One fellow?had a rib separated, another fellow got hit in the head and lost a tooth.”

Chapman, a researcher for the U.S. Geological Survey, discovered these are Asian and bighead carp that were originally used as bait and got away. Others may have escaped from a fish farm during the 1993 flood. It’s a shame we can’t ask them why they’re doing it. Maybe the bait fish want to go back “home” or overpopulation has made them suicidal.

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