Fragments of a meteorite narrowly missed hitting 10-year-old Anthony Elliss-Galati in Perth, Australia, then smashed into his driveway. Another meteorite made a crater in a parking lot near Detroit, but no one saw it because they’d all left work when it hit. Since the lot was empty, it didn’t hit anyone’s car (or anyone’s head).

Anthony’s mother says, "I heard something hit the [pavement] and then Anthony came inside and said there were rocks coming out of the sky. He then handed me a piece and it didn’t look like a normal rock?it was dull on the inside and silver on the outside and looked as if it had melted. Anthony said he had seen it coming across the park and had to duck down behind my car to avoid being hit by it."

Tom Greenwood writes in The Detroit News that the meteorite there made a 12 inch by 18 inch, 3-inch-deep crater in 6 feet of asphalt near the garage of the Road Commission for Oakland County. "It happened sometime on Sunday when the yard was locked up and no one was working," says road commission spokesman Craig Bryson. "Two workers came in Monday morning and found an impact crater outside the main garage near the employee parking lot?The edges of the crater are seared black, and there’s a fan-shaped debris field spread out all around the site. One of our employees is an amateur astronomer, and he said it looks like every impact crater he’s ever seen."

If we put our minds to it, we could predict when these things are going to happen.

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