Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica with 165MPH winds and was the first Category 5 hurricane ever to strike the island. It is now headed toward the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and is continuing to strengthen. A typical autumnal weather pattern over the continental United States is expected to keep it offshore of the mainland as it turns north. Should it hit pockets of warm water in the South Atlantic, it has the potential to recover its strength. There is a remote possibility that it could surprise forecasters and move into the Caribbean.

All storm track models now see Maria moving northward well out to sea, but if it impacts the remains of Jose, it could still be pushed onshore somewhere along the Atlantic seaboard.

Meanwhile, two powerful typhoons are aiming at China, prompting the government to evacuate half a million people from the country’s east coast. Typhoon Talim is the stronger, and is expected to make landfall late Thursday on China’s northern coast. Further south, Typhoon Doksuri threatens China’s southeast and Vietnam as it strengthens over the South China Sea.

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