…or in black and white? – In the Monday, Dec. 1st edition of the New York Times, Anahad O’Connor addresses the claim that some people only dream in black and white. Is this true?

It turns out that a small percentage of people DO dream in black and white. Researches have learned that these are the people who grew up in the era of black and white TV! O?Connor writes: “?People 25 and younger say they almost never dream in black and white. But people over 55 who grew up with little access to color television reported dreaming in black and white about a quarter of the time. Over all, 12% of people dream entirely in black and white.

“In the 1940s, studies showed that three-quarters of Americans?reported ?rarely? or ?never? [dreaming in color]. Now, those numbers are reversed.”

How did people dream BEFORE television?when they only had radio (or conversations with one another), were their dreams more auditory?

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