The art of lucid dreaming is one that many of us would like to perfect, allowing us to remain conscious while dreaming and to take active control of their content. This ability enables the dreamer to visualise a limitless number of scenarios, all played out in vivid detail yet totally under their control.

A desirable skill for those who awake after an amazing dream, frustrated that they cannot recapture its intensity or detailed events. Even lucid dreamers must eventually forget their dream as they are replaced by others, the same as with real life experiences. But what if we could record our dreams to watch again, like an interactive virtual reality TV show?
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The mysterious realm of the dream world has intrigued the human mind for millennia, but what is the secret behind these enigmatic and sometimes very powerful experiences of the psyche?

Science views dreams merely as the result of activity in certain areas of the brain during sleep, but the more esoterically-minded view them as a gateway between the physical and spiritual world.

As far back as 4000BC, there is evidence that Man was attempting to interpret dreams as records of these have been found documented on clay tablets. Dreams were regarded as vital aspects of life; in fact, in some primeval communities, the dream world and the conscious world appeared to blur into one existence, with the dream world having the greatest significance. read more

A computer can predict what you’re dreaming about (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this fascinating show) based on your brain wave activity with an fMRI machine.

On Fox News, Tia Ghose quotes neuroscientist Masako Tamaki as saying, "Using this method, we might be able to know more about the function of dreaming."

WHY we dream is still a mystery. Sigmund Freud thought dreams were about secret desires and wish fulfillment, but modern researchers think that they are irrelevant "trash" that the brain throws out. Another theory is that dreams allow our minds to keep working on problems while we’re asleep. read more

Where does science really stand when it comes to paranormal states? Dean Radin is among the world’s leading experts on science and the paranormal, and in this incredible interview he explains just why psychic states DO have a scientific basis, and what we can do to enable ourselves to use our "psychic" connections–which are actually very well explained by physics. Maybe physicists cannot face this reality, but WE can, so listen carefully as a scientist explains just WHY your psychic powers must exist, and how to detect them in your life. Knowledge like this is profoundly empowering. Dean is senior scientist at the Institute for Noetic Sciences.

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