Scientists have discovered that the universe is made up of plus and minus bits, just like a computer program. So, is the Matrix real? Do we actually exist as living, conscious entities or are we part of somebody’s experiment…or perhaps even a toy?

The field of quantum chromodynamics potentially offers this unsettling explanation for the fundamental construction of the Universe. Scientists have tested this theory with some success, though the degree of complexity involved means that only the world’s most powerful super-computers are up to the job. In doing so, however, they came to the realization that simulating physics at this level was essentially the same as simulating the Universe itself.

Due to the infinitesimally tiny proportions involved, only an unimaginably small fraction of the ‘cosmos’ has been created, but enough to make a convincing case that, if we had the technology’, we could theoretically construct another Universe to order. Incredibly, what they’ve found is that it’s not only not all that difficult to create a universe, but at the rate that knowledge is expanding, it might be possible for US to do just that within a few more years.

Is there any way to further prove this theory? Well, Silas Beane’s team at the University of Bonn in Germany suggests that there could be. Beane and his team have discovered that such a point actually exists in the energies of cosmic ray particles, a point known as the the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin or GZK cut off point, which occurs when high energy particles interact with the cosmic microwave background, and lose energy when traveling over long distances.

Controlling them could lead to the formation of ‘artificial’ universes.

There are some on this planet who already consider scientists to be gods, and this piece of evidence seems to suggest that this may not be too far from the truth. Did our Creator merely use an amazingly powerful computer to construct the cosmos in six days, after which there was a much-needed re-boot? The idea of a holographic Universe being projected from a single source is nothing new, but scientific evidence to support this concept is increasing every year. It is a disturbing idea that, instead of the conscious individuals we believe we are, inhabiting a spontaneously created living planet, we could all just be icons in a computer simulation.

We have to ask, could such simulations be bought and sold? Somewhere in some unimaginable world, could it be that all you need to play god is enough cash to buy a universe like ours? If so, where are we? Is our god silent now, after making so much noise in distant times, because we are abandoned on the playroom floor?

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