Devastating Hurricane Dean, which tore through Jamaica and the Carribean, is now heading for the Yucatan in Mexico. It may be upgraded to a Category 5, with winds of 155 mph or more. New research shows that hurricanes that hit islands and coastal areas can also lead to tornadoes that strike inland, such as the strange tornado that recently struck Brooklyn, New York. Want to help the hurricane survivors but want to make sure your donations are well used? We have a suggestion.

The Ivanhoe science website reports that “scientists have discovered that hurricanes can actually encourage the formation of tornadoes. When meteorologists studied hurricane-related damage, they found some damage that didn’t fit the pattern, and discovered it was actually damage resulting from hurricane-related tornadoes.”

Jamaica is an island near Cuba which is off the coast of Florida. Does a hurricane hitting Jamaica mean that the southern US states should brace for tornadoes? We’ll be watching the weather to find out! Meanwhile, if you want to help victims of the recent earthquakes in Peru?as well as future hurricane and tornado victims?we think one of the best places to give is the Mercy Corps. Click here to learn more?and to learn how to protect yourself if a tornado comes YOUR way, click here and here.

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