The U.S. has captured 32 of the 55 Iraqis in our “deck of cards.” Now Jason Burke writes in the U.K. Observer newspaper that we may have caught the Ace of Spades?Saddam himself. Scientists are carrying out DNA tests on human remains that may be those of Saddam Hussein and his son Uday. The remains are from a convoy of luxury SUVs that were struck last week by soldiers, after intelligence agents intercepted a phone call that revealed that Saddam and Uday were travelling in the Western Desert near Syria.

After we captured the Ace of Diamonds, Saddam’s secretary Abid Hamad Mahmud, he said Saddam and his two sons survived the war and that all four of them escaped to Syria, but were forced to return to Iraq. He described a plan by Saddam and his sons to split up, in order to increase their chances of survival. “We’re not yet sure he’s telling the truth,” says one senior official. “He could simply be reciting a set of talking points.”

Find out how modern politics is fueled by ancient hidden Egyptian secrets.

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