Andy Thomas writes in that a 1995 crop circle, in the form of an astronomical diagram, showed our solar system as it will look on September 6, 2003. Last June, a crop circle in Belgium seemed to point to August 11, as a similar one in July of 2001 had pointed to 9/11. On August 11, a massive terrorist plot in the mideast was thwarted, then the Eastern blackout hit on the 12th. Many crop circle formations in the mid-1990s showed clear astronomical diagrams, depicting alignments of stars and planets that took place, or will take place in the future. Will the September 6 date prove important? We’ll find out in a few days.

Some of these astronomical alignments have already occurred. Thomas says, “It had been said by many people back in 1994 that the so-named ‘galaxy formations’ were clearly star maps. Yet it was not until 1998 before anyone took the time to actually translate the positions of what were clearly stars and planets into a definitive interpretation.”

The 1995 crop circle design that represents what we’ll see in the sky on September 6th shows the inner planets surrounded by a ring of small circles, which indicate the positions of Mars over an eight-year period, the time between the date the circle was formed and the 2003 date it illustrates. This will be shortly after Mars comes closer to the Earth than it has been since prehistoric times.

Using the astronomical computing program Red Shift 3, amateur astronomer Jack Sullivan discovered that a 1994 crop circle showed a conjunction of the planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter superimposed over a map of the star constellation Cetus (represented by small standing tufts). A phase of the moon (a small crescent) was also shown. Comparison to star maps showed that this was an alignment which was due to take place in that part of the sky at midnight between the 6th and 7th of April, 2000. Sullivan also studied two other 1994 formations and found that they showed the same alignment from slightly different perspectives.

In his book Vital Signs, Thomas writes, “On the night of 6/7th April 2000, one of the largest solar storms of the century erupted on the Sun, flooding the Earth’s ionosphere with particles and creating the widest sighting of the aurora borealis across the U.K. and other parts of Europe for many years, usually being restricted to more northern regions (hence its more common name of ‘northern lights’). I was lucky enough to witness this effect as a strange shifting curtain of red light above Alton Barnes.

“The solar storm, caused by an enormous flare thrown out by the Sun as it approached its eleven-year peak of sunspot activity, had been measured by some observatories as a G4 event on a scale of 1 to 5?very big, threatening satellite communications and other electronic systems.”

A particularly disturbing starmap crop circle was the “Missing Earth” formation that appeared in 1995, which shows our solar system with the Earth missing. Some people interpret this as a warning.

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