Microsoft thinks the recent computer worms were a terrorist attack. Now Peter Simpson, of ThreatLab, says that they were part of a plot by organized crime to take over the internet. He says, “This is the sixth in a series of controlled experiments. This isn’t about some kiddy writing viruses in his bedroom?this is really a very sophisticated example of organized crime.”

Will Sturgeon writes that Simpson fears that computer techs are so busy getting rid of the Sobig infection that they?ll “take their eyes off the ball” and ignore the real threat. And he thinks there are worse threats to come.

He says the Mafia wants to get Sobig onto as many computers as possible in order to take control of the machines and gain access to bank and credit card information that can be used in future fraud schemes. “The real question here has to be about the motives of the virus writer,” says Simpson. “This isn’t just about writing a virus that will spread rapidly and break records; the motives here are very different and are clearly criminal?It’s all about the hidden agenda.”

We clearly need a better method of self-defense.

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