Two of what we consider major modern miseries were also part of life for prehistoric man: being mugged and going to the dentist. With the same kinds of problems that we have, early man relaxed the same way we do today?he danced.

Ker Than reports in that flint drills made 9,000 years ago have been discovered in Pakistan, along with teeth from a Neolithic graveyard that show clear signs of drilling. The archeologists who made this discovery say it looks like the dentists of that time were “surprisingly effective” when it came to removing cavities.

Emma Young writes in New Scientist that from the evidence of some skulls that have been found, mugging was common in Neolithic Britain. Around 7,000 years ago, people there had a 1 in 14 chance of being hit on the head. Archeologist Rick Schulting says that back then, things were “certainly more violent than we’d considered.”

Heather Whipps writes in that dancing may have helped our prehistoric ancestors to survive, since it helped them bond with one another when times were tough (like we still do when we go dancing today!) Scientists have discovered that people who are good dancers have DNA that is also associated with being socially adept.

While we appreciate the scientific insight, most of us figured this out in high school.

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