Scientists have now announced that migrating birds DO NOT spread avian flu, but the birds you buy in the supermarket DO spread the food poisoning known as salmonella, so wash your hands (and all surfaces) after handling them. Like beef cattle, chickens are given antibiotics in their feed, which can promote antibiotic-resistant superbugs in human beings. But there IS a way in which we can keep chickens healthy and protect ourselves at the same time: give them beer.

No, you don’t give them beer to drink instead of water, but researchers have discovered that adding hops, a major ingredient in beer, to poultry feed improves chickens’ growth rate. If they grow faster, they can be slaughtered sooner, meaning they won?t have time to develop the kinds of problems that call for antibiotics.

Hops (Humulus lupulus) have long been used as a medicine for humans, so maybe we should be the ones drinking the beer?and it goes well with a chicken dinner (but be sure to get the RIGHT kind of chicken!)

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