Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, which is supposed torepresent male physical perfection, actually reveals he’s inpoor health.

Pilates expert Alan Herdman says, “Michelangelo may havebeen an artistic genius but he clearly knew far less than wedo today about posture and the workings of the human body.If you look at him, David is sitting into one hip. He willhave a weakness in one hip and suffer from lower backweakness and pain. His pelvis is all wrong. It is thrustforward and pushing into one hip. The right side isn’tstraight. In the privacy of your own bathroom, you trystanding in that position and see how it feels: not good.”

David also has hammer toes. “In other words, they are a bitclawed, with the result that the muscles in the front of theleft foot must be weak. If you look at the rear view, youwill find that that the right buttocks are not be as strongas they should be because he is sitting into the hips, andthe weight distribution is all wrong.

“As for flexibility, I would say that he has all theflexibility of a 500 year-old, 17 foot marble statue.”

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