Andrew Griffin writes in that crop circles have appeared in Shreveport, LA. Local resident Cliff Brown saw one in a weed-filled lot behind a shopping center. “The (crop circle) is in a field of weeds and Johnson grass behind the Shreve City Shopping Center at Dee St. and South Point,” he says. “It used to be an old driving range a long time ago.”

He says, “It’s the first one I’ve ever walked up on. I remember thinking ‘hmm.’ You see them in England, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen in Johnson grass. I showed a couple of friends. Shafts aren’t broken. It didn’t look like it was dead. Just kind of odd.? He also heard about another crop formation that was spotted from the air near Shreveport a few weeks ago.

The area also has UFOs. Brown says, “I’ve seen several things that have flown down the river with no sound. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff in the sky around here since the early ’60’s.”

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