George Filer of Filer’s Files reports in his June 4 issue that there has been an increase of UFO sightings in the U.S., especially of saucer and cylindrical-shaped objects in the sky. This fulfills a prediction Whitley Strieber made six months ago.

A witness from New Ipswich, Vermont, reported that on May 17 at 8:55 pm, “I saw an octagon/saucer disk shaped craft take off from the trees at the end of my wooded property line. It took off, maybe 300-400 feet above my house…I ran outside and watched it descend into the trees…It made a humming noise.” (Report from the National UFO Reporting Center).

In Massachusetts the next day, a group of people observed twelve rectangular objects high in the sky, moving very slowly. At first, they appeared to be parachutes that had opened at an unusually high altitude. However, the objects changed colors, moved upward, then disappeared. The event took place at noon under a clear sky.

Cylindrical or saucer-shaped objects were reported from California, Illinois, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma Virginia, Texas and Washington. In addition, sightings of various types were reported from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Ecuador and Sweden.

A UFO flap has developed over the Crimea, with UFOs “being observed almost daily,” according to Filer. There have been dozens of reports from the area since early may. In addition, in the nearby Black Sea and Caucasus areas as well, significant numbers of UFOs are being reported.

A number of the cases worldwide have involved close approaches. In Portsmouth, England, for example, on May 15, 2003, witnesses in a car noticed a bright egg-shaped object in the sky at 9:37 pm. The object was moving erratically, and the witnesses pulled over to watch.

The object then approached the car, which was surrounded by a bright light. The dashboard clock began spinning and has not worked since. The car appeared to be filled with light for only a few moments, after which the object disappeared. The witnesses left the area.

Last October, Whitley Strieber asked the question: Will 2003 Be the Year of the Alien? It has been known for some time that Mars oppositions bring increases in UFO activity, and Mars is going to make its closest approach in 70,000 years this August. As the opposition of the two planets draws closer, we can expect UFO activity to continue to rise.

Did you know there’s plenty of proof that UFOs exist? How can we facilitate contact? We can always pray.

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