A beautiful set of crop circles has been discovered in afield in Idaho, and the owners say they have no idea howthey got there. And crop formations in the U.K. are gettingmore explicit, with the newest showing what looks like an alienprofile alongside a computer disk.The farmer who owns thefield in Idaho says, “We first thought somebody was playinga prank,” but he then decided the circles and the patternswere too perfect to be a joke. Researcher Alan Meyervisited the circle and saw mysterious orbs hovering aboveit, along with several other witnesses.

The farmer’s daughter says, “My Uncle Lewis was irrigatingSaturday morning and came up over the hill and saw the cropcircles.” Thousands of people have driven by to look atthem. “There was a lady who just happened to be by?shestudied [circles] three years in England,? she says. ?Theway they were pushed, no damage to the crop, just layingdown?she pointed out that it was not man made. She said itwould probably be back, she didn’t say when butprobably back in the same place.?

Her father adds, “Maybe we’d be looking forward to it, evencharge admission.?

Alan Meyer, who has been interviewed on Dreamland about hisphotographs and videos of ghostly ?orbs,? visited the Idahocircle, which is about 200 miles north of his home. Hewrites, ?Yesterday, Heather Johnson and I spent an afternoonand evening at the location. The farmer who owns the landgave us a private tour and we got some very interestingstills and video. The place was literally swarming withorbs?I have nightshot video of a possible UFO or mysterylight hovering for several minutes above the farmer’smachine shop at the edge of the site. This was witnessed bythe farmer, his teenaged children, Heather and, of course,me. The light/UFO eventually faded, but as we left thefield, the sense of ?being watched? was even more intensethan during the sighting.?

Two years ago, Linda Howe and other crop circle researcherssaw orbs hovering above a crop circle in England. Read allabout it in ?Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles,?click here.

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