Israel thinks Iraq is preparing to launch a missile attackat any time. “Israel should be prepared to face an Iraqiattack at any moment,” says Israeli Science Minister MatanVilnai. The head of the Israeli air force, Zeev Schiff, haswarned Iraq that Israel won’t show the restraint it didduring the Gulf War, when Iraq fired Scud missiles atIsraeli cities. This time, he says, they’ll use nuclearretaliation and if they do, it will eradicate Iraq as acountry.

Israel’s National Security Council has also warned thegovernment to expect “mega-terror” attacks by Palestiniansin the near future against the country?s infrastructure, oiland natural gas facilities. Israeli intelligence reportsthat terrorists are choosing targets that are most likely tocause mass death and destruction.

Some of the possible scenarios include suicide airplanecrashes of the kind that occurred in New York and Washingtonon September 11. Other scenarios include chemical weaponsattacks and bombing fuel depots.

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